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Web Development: Angular Development | Node Development | Full Stack Development; Blockchain Development: Bitcoin | Ethereum | Smart contracts


Web Development

(Angular, Node, Full Stack)

We are expert at web development using Javascript language. Using the core software engineering principles, we build well-rounded applications that have:


  • CI / CD integration with deployment to various cloud services such as Heroku and AWS

  • Support for various environments such as test, staging, and production.

  • Support for production monitoring using tools like New Relic, PaperTrail and Sentry.

  • Support for internationalization.

  • Automated tests to cover business use cases.

  • Detailed documentation and clean commit history


We follow agile development practices. The project is organized into small tasks and delivered weekly (sprint) so your feedback is incorporated early on.


Mobile Development

(React Native)

We build mobile apps using React Native.

Our team deeply believe that to give the best experience on mobile, native apps is the way to go. However, we believe in React Native, which helps ship faster without compromising on experience.



We work with Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.


We have set up huge mining farms, built various smart contracts and delivered end to end solutions for real estate, finance, and education industry.


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