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Real Estate Software Solutions

Technology innovation right from idea to development  

Technology For The Real Estate Industry 

With the latest technology solutions for the real estate industry, Jalan Technology Consulting understands your needs for technology integration to streamline your business processes. Our engineers work with world-renowned entrepreneurs to understand their pain points in the real estate sector and develop innovative solutions to provide an advantage over their competitors. Our tech solutions enable real estate agents, property owners, and title firms to automate their business process for speed up the process, cost reduction and efficient execution without compromising the core value.

Big Data in Real Estate 

Case Study

Property data is the key for real estate business but complex at the same time. Most of the business in real estate manually gather and analyze property data which is the more laborious and time-consuming approach.

Our Service Offering 

Real Estate

Software and Web Application

We offer a full range of software solutions for real estate agents and title companies (such as document management, e-closing software) and property owners (property management and rental software) to bring efficiencies in their operations. 

Blockchain Solutions for

Real Estate

The inherent immutable nature of blockchain proposes various potential use cases for real estate industries such as fractional ownership, raising investments for property or deed registration. Our team is working on various projects across US, Australia and India.

Our Innovations 

Deed Registration on

Blockchain Network 


The immutability of blockchain network provides a suitable use case for title registration and storing the title history on the distributed network. With the similar vision, our team at JTC developed a proof of solution for real estate agents. 

Fund Raising and Fractional Ownership on Blockchain


Smart Contracts purpose a very easy way to raise fund for your new property development or distribute the ownership to multiple people. It opens a gateway for micro and macro real estate investor to come together and liquidate the most rigid system.  

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