Jaikishan Jalan
Ankit Bhawnani
Kalpesh Parihar
Manan Jain
Balwant Singh
Rajat Vindru
Anuj Agarwal
Arun Kumar

We are a software company that provides software solutions to businesses. Every engineer at JTC goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure they posse’s great problem-solving skills as well as strong computer science fundamentals. Our engineers have attended top notch engineering school as well worked at some of the technology giants.

Jai started this company in 2016 to help businesses solve business problems by leveraging the best of technology. Before JTC, Jai spent a decade building and leading engineering teams at Microsoft, Google, and venture-funded startups.

If you need help with software development, please drop a note to Jai at jjalan@jalantechnologies.com.