Jalan Technology Consulting | JTC - Software Product Development

About Us:

We are a software company that provides software solutions to businesses. Every engineer at JTC goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure they posse’s great problem-solving skills as well as strong computer science fundamentals. Our engineers have attended top notch engineering school as well worked at some of the technology giants. Jai started this company in 2016 to help businesses solve business problems by leveraging the best of technology. Before JTC, Jai spent a decade building and leading engineering teams at Microsoft, Google, and venture-funded startups.

Meet Our Engineering Team:

AkashSoftware Enginer
Akash is a React engineer who has built two products for two startups alongside executives from Apple, Microsoft, eBay. He likes to clean code and has been proactive while putting himself in the shoes of end users.
AmritSoftware Enginer
Amrit is a full stack developer. In the last 16 months, he built the backend for identity management SaaS product based out of Canada which bagged A from top venture firms like Microsoft. Before that, he developed a supply chain blockchain based product.
AniketSoftware Enginer
Aniket has been working to build technology alongside ex-Amazon executive to build a product to reduce financial debt for US consumers. Before that, he built the backend for a product that enables an application to access user's utility data.
AnkitSoftware Enginer
Ankit is a system architect with 4+ years of work experience. He has worked alongside industry veterans from Capital One & Microsoft to build the system to launch products from ground up. The product recently got accepted in Techstar US.
BalwantSoftware Enginer
In the last 6 years, Balwant has worked in various industries. Most recently, he built a backend for a Q&A app for a startup which got acquired by Vedantu. He takes great pride in writing clean and performant code.
DipankarSoftware Enginer
Dipankar, a NIT alum, has been working for the Solar sector from past 6 months, helping in building critical system components. Dipankar often writes technical articles in his free time to help others become MERN stack developers.
JiwaliSoftware Enginer Test
Jiwali is a software engineer with 4+ years of work experience. She has worked for projects in Supply Chain Management. She focuses on building testing infrastructure.
KalpeshSoftware Enginer
Kalpesh, an IIT Bombay alum, has been building a core data extraction engine to help energy companies derive information from unstructured data. He is good at problem solving, Python and React. Previously, Kalpesh ran his own company for 3 years.
MananSoftware Enginer
Manan is a full stack engineer and recently built patent pending technology alongside ex-Amazon executive to build a product to reduce financial debt for US consumers.
NaveenSoftware Enginer
Naveen, an IIT Kanpur alum, is a full stack software engineer working on SaaS product for Energy company. He is skilled in Node, Javascript, Express, React, MongoDB.
RaghvendraSoftware Enginer
RajatSoftware Enginer
Rajat is a full stack software engineer with 4+ years of experience. Recently, he helped a Hong Kong based trading firm to build a software in order to manage trading orders.
RoopalSoftware Enginer
Roopal is a full stack softwar engineer with around 4 years of experience. Previously, she built the front-end for an Indian unicorn & one of the largest auto portal using React.
ShubhamSoftware Enginer
Shubham is a full stack software engineer and skilled at React, Node, Typescript. Previously, he worked as a C++ engineer for Unisys proprietary product.
SparshSoftware Enginer
SourabhSoftware Enginer
Sourabh, an IIT Kharagpur alum, enjoys building backends and contributing to open source. He is adept in Typescript, Node.
Vinay KumarSoftware Enginer
Vinay, an IIT Rookee alum, is backend engineer focused on democratizing access to data. He enjoys writing code in Typescript, Node.
Visakh VijayanSoftware Enginer
Visakh, an NIT alum, has over 4+ years of experience. Previously, worked with edtech and fashion tech platform. When not working he likes to read about tech innovations.
Yuvraj ThakurSoftware Enginer
Yuvraj, IIT Roorkee alum, is a software engineer building applications in renewable energy sector. He enjoys building frontend applications.